Small Business Hiring Trends for 2019

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Businesses are growing and creating more jobs. Finding qualified people to fill those positions in a booming economy is a challenge. According to a article Small business hiring trends 2019: What to focus on to stay ahead here are things you can do to make recruiting a little easier when unemployment is down.

  1. Invest in technology that requires fewer hires. Upgrading to the latest technology and equipment can help your current workforce worker better requiring less additional hires.
  2. Use HR technologies that level the playing field. Make your website mobile friendly as 70% of applicants use their mobile devices when searching for jobs. Another easy thing to do: make a video of your office space, yourself or someone from HR talking about the position. Use social media to find candidates; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also, a career website can be useful for getting in touch with hard to reach candidates.
  3. Source for potential vs. perfect candidate. Instead of looking for the perfect candidate, sourcing for a “high-potential” candidate who is trainable may be the solution. Tailoring the job for a candidate and/or offering training are ways to make the search more successful.
  4. Do reality checks on candidates’ interest in the job. An important aspect of searching is weeding out candidates who are not a good fit. This can be accomplished through “Job-shadowing” where a candidate interacts with the team and gets a feel for the job.

Putting all or some of these ideas in place will hopefully give you a leg up the next time you need to hire.


By Christine Billett

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