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Acumen Talent Takes a
Deeper Dive Into Our Clients’ Organization
Acumen Executive Search is proud to announce the introduction of our sister division, Acumen Talent Search.

About Acumen Talent Search

While the Acumen Executive focus is entirely on the recruitment of directors through executives, Acumen Talent picks up where Acumen Executive doesn’t go: managers and professionals across the organization.

Since 2007, our client companies have enjoyed increased retention, productivity and lowered expenses due to the quality of candidates and services we provide. With local offices in Oregon we have been fast expanding to Washington and California, as well as furthering our global reach.

Strategizing with you as you grow your business is what we love and where we thrive.

We bring our in-depth market knowledge, customized candidate search process and relationship-based approach to achieve a cultural fit that meets and exceeds long term expectations.


For Employers

Experience Cultural Fit That Meets and Exceeds Hiring Expectations. We are the go-to recruiters when you want the right person! Our commitment to you is to narrow the field and focus on finding the best candidates for your openings. We spend hours in interviews and selection so we do not waste your time sending candidates that are not a fit. We expect your final hiring decision to be difficult – in a good way. 

For Candidates

Our best friends are hiring managers of different sizes and industries. We are committed to helping our candidates find the best match for their skills. By providing strategic consultations, we identify the steps necessary to advance you toward your ultimate career goals.

Acumen Talent Search
Acumen Talent Search

Our Approach is Consultative

Our recruiting firm has been helping executives and hiring managers to build a better company from the inside out by finding the right executives, directors and now managers and professionals. We have a vested interest in keeping you happy and doing what is right for your business.

Strategizing with you as you grow your business is what we love and where we thrive.


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